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All photography collections include high resolution images in an online gallery ready for personal printing, sharing and downloading. You will receive 75-125 images per hour for full one hour sessions. For mini sessions, you will receive 20 images. Mini Sessions are offered around spring and in the fall. They are 15 minutes.

Family, Newborn, Senior, Maternity, Mini

Please inquire for custom quote! Your quote will be determined by the scope of your project and the details for what you are looking for. Thank you!

Social Influencer, Blogger, Product Styling, Brand, Headshots

You will receive a high resolution gallery with all of your images fully edited ready for printing and sharing. There are typically are 30-75 images per hour. You will receive your images within one week. ID's are included, but we must be notified in advance if you need them.

Events + Interiors

"You are a genius. Thank you for directing from behind the lens in such a natural and comfortable way!"

Maria + Steve

"Our whole family was talking about how professional and knowledgeable you were...“

monique + Jon

"Shea, how can we thank you enough? My mother is in happy tears. You are truly an artist."

Leah + Daniel


Are the images retouched?

All of the images we provide to you will be filtered through a soft custom edit, color-corrected and adjusted for exposure. After viewing your images, if you’d like any graphic adjustments,  we’re happy to quote you for graphic alterations. 


Do I receive previews?

We have a really talented editing team who focuses on the quality of your images. Our turnaround time is within one week. Because it's so short, we don't do previews because you get them so soon. If you need the photos next day, an additional charge of $50 will apply. 


what should i bring?

i recommend bringing nothing unless you bring a child's toy if applicable. Bringing a purse could leave you feeling worried about leaving it while we are taking photos.


Do you prefer text or email?

You can text, call or email as you please, but I do prefer email. It allows us to keep all our communication in one place.


What should I wear?

I recommend wearing colors that compliment each other. I don't recommend matching exactly or the colors will blend together. For example, one person could pick a pattern and then you could dress everyone else in a color from the pattern. I also recommend dressing in fitted clothes vs. loose clothing. 


what if it rains?

In the event of rain, I recommend rescheduling our shoot to another time that works well for everyone! Even though it's inconvenient, it will be worth it to wait. The weather plays a major role in how the photos look and feel.   


Cani I print my images?

Absolutely! You can use your images for printing, sharing and social media with any vendor you desire. We do offer professional printing, framing, books + albums in a digital online gallery




What should i know about newborns?

We will want to shoot within two weeks of birth. Keep the house warmer than normal. Please have baby fully fed and dressed by start time. You can have 1-4 looks for baby. Please provide a white diaper cover. CLICK HERE for another idea!

Join my list to be notified with mini session release dates! They happen around Mother's Day and in the fall!

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