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ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement contains the entire understanding between Shea Christine Photography LLC. and the client. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing and must be signed by all parties.
RESERVATION: In order to reserve your wedding date, a 40% retainer will be required. The reservation retainer is applied towards the contracted photography package. The reservation retainer is non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled for any reason. 
CANCELLATION: Cancellation or change of date must be submitted in writing and both parties must complete and sign a contract cancellation or contract change provided by Shea Christine Photography LLC. If for any reason Client cancels this contract prior to or on the wedding date, Photographer shall keep the retainer and any monies paid on the date of cancellation. The contract cancellation or change form will serve as legal abandonment of the original contractual agreements. Cancellations that take place within 120 days of the scheduled event will result in the remainder of the balance being paid to Shea Christine Photography LLC by contracted date.
RESCHEDULE: If, for any reason, the Client reschedules the wedding, the retainer may be applied to the new date. A new contract will be required to reflect the changes. Credit may be applied to wedding coverage within one year of original date and coverage will be provided by a team member of Shea Christine Photography LLC.
HOUSE RULES: The photographer may be limited by the guidelines of the ceremony official or site management. The client agrees to accept the technical results of their imposition on the photographer. Negotiation with the officials for moderation of the guidelines is the client’s responsibility. Shea Christine Photography LLC. will offer technical recommendations only.
-Client is responsible for their images. Shea Christine Photography LLC shall not be required to reproduce or replace such files or photographs that are lost, stolen or destroyed.
- Shea Christine Photography LLC requires two meals for Shea Christine Photography LLC and team members.
-Shea Christine Photography LLC is responsible to keep an online gallery active after 180 days of wedding date. Client is responsible for downloading their images and securing them.
-Shea Christine Photography LLC is not responsible for images after 90 days of wedding date. 
-Images are selected and edited at Shea Christine Photography LLC's discretion and delivered images will not include all images taken. Delivered images will include 75-200 images (per hour) of the best edited wedding day images, Shea Christine Photography LLC reserves the creative rights to only edit and release photographs deemed credible as professional in quality and within company standards. Shea Christine Photography LLC will not be held liable for any or all images that were not edited or delivered to the client's wants or desires. If the clients request any additional images not delivered on the Digital Gallery or any additional retouching, including but not limited to cosmetic enhancements, correction of hair or makeup, wrinkle removal, environmental effects, client will be given an estimate of additional costs and is responsible for submitting payment to receive desired affects.
-Any and all defects in photographs, images, files or other products provided by Shea Christine Photography LLC shall be communicated to Shea Christine Photography LLC within one week of client's receipt of same, failing which clients shall be barred from making any claim for such defects.
SOLE PHOTOGRAPHER: The client will assist the photographer by ensuring that videographers and amateur photographers do not interfere with Shea Christine Photography’s efforts. Relatives and friends can take pictures while the photographer is working if the client allows, but they may impair the photographer’s final product. Shea Christine Photography will not be held responsible for any unsatisfactory photographs due to these circumstances.
-Ensuring the appropriate behavior of all guests and other persons at the wedding and other events covered by Shea Christine Photography shall be the responsibility of the bride and groom. In the event any Shea Christine Photography LLC team members experience any inappropriate, threatening, hostile or offensive behavior from any other guest or person at the wedding (including, but not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature) than the following process shall be followed: first offense: a verbal warning will be issued to a family member of the bride or groom; second offense: the offending person will be required to leave the wedding; third offense: Shea Christine Photography LLC. will end wedding coverage immediately and leave the event and this Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated. Shea Christine Photography LLC. shall be relieved of all responsibilities under this agreement following such termination. Shea Christine Photography LLC shall be entitled to retain the retainer and all monies paid hereunder and client agrees to relieve Shea Christine Photography LLC and hold Shea Christine Photography, INC harmless as a result of incomplete wedding coverage.
COPYRIGHTS: The photographs produced by Shea Christine Photography LLC. are protected by Federal Copyright Law. All Rights Reserved. They may not be reproduced in any manner without Shea Christine Photography’s written consents. Written consent for reproduction and display rights will be signed and sent to the appropriate person. Shea Christine Photography LLC. owns all copyrights for any and all images produced in connection with this agreement, including the right to reproduce or publicly display such images. As author of all images made hereunder and as provided by law, Shea Christine Photography LLC shall retain the copyrights in perpetuity, regardless of possession or ownership of photographs, digital files or any other format of reproduction. Shea Christine Photography LLC is permitted to share images, but not limited to wedding inspiration sites, magazines and contests. Shea Christine Photography LLC reserves the right to share images. In no event shall clients or any other person, other than Shea Christine Photography LLC sell photographs provided by Shea Christine Photography LLC. Client is permitted to print their images with their vendor of choice and use images for social media giving credit to Shea Christine Photography LLC.
EXHIBITION: The client grants Shea Christine Photography permission to display selected images resulting from this contract as an example of Shea Christine Photography’s work and for entrance into competitions. The client agrees to release all claims to profits that may arise from such images.
INDEMNIFICATION: The Photographer shall be held harmless for any and all injury to client during the course of the photography session and the immediately surrounding events.
PRE-ORDERED ALBUMS: Pre-ordered albums must be fulfilled within six months following the wedding date. Photographer will request client photo preferences for the album immediately following the wedding date. If client does not comply by completing the order form within six months, then Shea Christine is not responsible for creating album or returning album fees.
TRAVEL: All travel fees are included up to 50 miles from zip code 33458. Events that require additional travel will be charged at a rate of 50 cents per mile over the first 50 miles, each way. Miles will be based on routes using interstate highways and other major roads. If both parties deem air travel more advantageous than road travel, the client will be responsible for direct expenses. This includes hotel, airfare, any applicable airport taxes and fees, parking fees and additional baggage charges.
LIMITS OF LIABILITY:Shea Christine Photography LLC shall not be liable for delay or failure in performing under this agreement as a result of any circumstances, events or contingencies beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, fires, floods, wars, civil insurrection, sabotage, equipment or machinery breakdown, theft, accidents, labor disputes or shortages, any governmental laws, city/state/municipality ordinances or in the unlikely event the photographer experiences severe illness, cancelled flights, pregnancy or extreme weather. 



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