Valentine’s Day Giveaway // Winner!

UPDATED: February 16, 2012
We resolved that there is no “best” comment because every need carries so much weight. There are so many different dynamics that make up each friendship, each individual, each family…every story is just as important as the next. My greatest hope is that we all would be compelled by love to give to one another.

We are happy to announce the specials gifts to a participant all the way from Kenya, Africa!  

Maurine, Thank You for sharing with us about the ministry of the Mercy House.

“If i had the $100 i would donate it to the young women rescued and who currently are staying in Mercy House Kenya so that they could use it to celebrate this day as they have never celebrated valentine ever since they were born and was surprised to learn that they don’t know what it even means, won’t it be amazing to buy flowers and special treats to them and their babies and tell them that God loves them so much and i love them too not just on valentine’s day but always! Mercy House is a rescue centre in Kenya which provides an alternative option to young poor pregnant girls from the street and slums of Kenya who are pregnant due to rape, survival prostitution, or abandoned by their boyfriends and the only option the have is abortion but as Christians we come in and share with them about this God who is so merciful, a God of another chance a God who will love u without discrimination and wants u to keep your baby thus we promote life and make Christ known in their lives. This girls and their babies are my valentines and will forever be!”


We pray and hope for love & blessings to be poured on every need presented. From the bottom of  our hearts, thank you for sharing your stories.

February 9, 2012

I have the biggest smile on my face because I am so excited to announce this giveaway:

My hope in this Valentine’s Day giveaway is that you would truly be inspired by love to give to others. There is no greater love than this- that Jesus came to earth, died on a cross, so that if we believe in Him, we are restored into a right relationship with God. The love God offers every one of us is unfailing and unconditional. It is sacrificial and giving. Because He loves us, He empowers us to love and give to others. With the heart of love and giving in mind, this Valentine’s Day, you have the opportunity to win yourself a $50 giftcard to Target and $100 to be given as a blessing to someone in need.

If you had $100 to give away to someone, who would you give it to & why? Leave a brief comment on this page.

Along with your comment, make sure you complete these steps to enter to win:

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3. Update your twitter/facebook to say “i want to win a giftcard from @shea_christine!”
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Anyone & everyone may enter to win. The winner will be selected by Shea Christine & 2 other individuals. Entries must be received by February 14th at midnight.  Be sure to come back on February 16th to see the winner! We can not wait to read every single comment & story!

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